Organ transplant is an operation where you replace a damaged organ that cannot be treated cannot perform its normal duties, and medically, with a new healthy organ taken from a living person or a person with a brain death. Most of the organ transplants accrue between two living people except for the heart transplant. Nowadays it’s mostly kidney, liver, pancreas and heart transplants and a small number of Small intestine transplants.

Turkey provides organ transplants services according to World standards, there are 59 kidney transplant centers, 34 liver transplant centers and 16 heart and lunges transplant centers in turkey. Turkey’s hospitals and doctors have a worldwide reputation for their high quality work in organ transplants and organ transplant treatments. 

Furthermore Turkish surgeons have pioneered many areas in organ transplants surgeries, by doing face and arm transplant surgery in Mediterranean Sea university they were the second in the World in this area. 

Turkey is also one of Europe’s best organ transplant centers, the number of surgeries done in turkey is bigger the number in Europe , Germany which is known to be the European Union’s biggest country has done 1100 surgeries while turkey did 1200. 

During organ transplant surgeries the organ is taken from a living donor, that is why both the donor and the patient should be in turkey at the same time. 

What is kidney transplant?

People with Chronic renal failure have a hard life style. They have to stay connected to the dialysis machine for 4 to 5 hours three days a week, not being able to do their normal activities, drink water as they wish or eat as they wish and suffering from dialysis machine’s side effects, which lowers the patient’s life quality. Thankfully, a successful kidney transplant and the increase of awareness about living can help the patient get back to his normal life and everyday activities.  

What is liver transplant?

Removing the diseased liver by surgery and putting a healthy liver instead is called “liver transplant”. Unlike all other organs in the body, the liver has the ability of regeneration and growth. İn such surgeries it will take the donor and the patient 6-8 weeks till their livers restore its old form. 


Most organ transplant operations in turkey:

  • Kidney
  • Liver
  • Heart
  • Pancreas
  • Bone marrow
  • Cornea
  • Bone
  • Small intestine


Turkey investing technology in health care services and raise qualified specialist physicians to merge technology and expertise. At the same time, Turkey is one of the most important accommodation points for health tourism with world class accredited health institutions, natural treatment and thermal tourism centers, climate of four seasons. 

Turkey offers easy access to health services, cheaper prices compared to developed countries, and natural and historical beauty besides correct diagnosis and treatment.


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